Tutorial – Getting Started with Amazon Web Services

Tutorial – Getting Started with Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is vast Cloud Computing Service. I started using AWS from zero and sharing my experience in this post.


  1. Why should learn AWS
  2. What we will need
  3. About AWS

Starting with why should you learn AWS?

  1. Fastest growing cloud computing platform
  2. IT Industry moving to AWS
  3. AWS certifications are most popular certifications among all other
  4. Top paid certification (As per Forbes Survey)

To start with AWS you will need following things.

  1. Mac/Windows/Linux pc off course.
  2. An AWS account, signup for free account here.
  3. A domain (optional).

AWS Region and Availability zones:

AWS is divided into Region and Availability Zones. Region simply means Geographic Location and Availability Zone means Datacenters. A Region can consist two or more Availability Zones.

There are 14 Regions & 38 Availability Zones till December 2016. 4 more Regions & 11 more Availability Zones will be added in 2017. 66 Edge location for CloudFront CDN.

What Services AWS Offered (AWS Platform)?

AWS offered various of (1000+ this year) services.

Starting with following services.

Networking & Content Delivery

VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
Route53 DNS Management Service
CloudFront CDN Service
Direct Connect VPN Service



Direct Connect                                VPN Service

EC2                                                  Elastic Compute Cloud

EC2 Container Services

Elastic Beanstalk                            Coding

Lambda                                            Server Less, Run Code

Lightsail                                           Instant Image of your favorite CMS


S3                                                     Simple Storage Service

Glacier                                             Long Term Data Storage Service

EFS                                                  Elastic File System (for EC2 Instance)

Storage Gateway


To Be Continued..




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