You may be breathing but you are shattered: Life’s truth (Part-2)

You may be breathing but you are shattered: Life’s truth (Part-2)

Get up now something  good is waiting for you!

Job is not the only thing that ruins the happiness. People suffer if they choose the immoral being and face the nastiest reality of being with the wrong person– Are you the one who is suffering???

Relationships hurt if they start with the wrong one. A false start never has a correct ending. Relation can be anything he/she can be your friend, your lover, your husband, your wife or whom so ever. You love someone from the core of your heart. Y.ou give your eternity, your soul your everything to that one person, you even give your existence to him/her suffixing his surname as yours for life and with every passing second, you get more and more attached to that one person.

You think he/she is your life. I can’t live without him/her. You neglect their mistakes, their misbehavior, their wrong deeds, their undesirable attitude, their negative remarks. Their bad habits and many others things that I can’t mention here.

They insult you in public. T.hey avoid you in voids. They offend when you need them the most. They make you feel like a pauper. But they become good when they want to get intimated with you and for those 15-20 minutes you feel on cloud nine, but when their desires get satisfied you get thrown away like a used.

In most cases (wrong friends), they treat you like a star ONLY WHEN they need your money, they (your BF/GF ) love you like an angel when they exhibit your beauty in public to make others envious. They become all yours only when they find a reason. 

On the other hand, you love them the way they are (and they were). Now love is your language, love is your hunger, love is your lust, love is your action, love is your need and your only want but wait, life’s not a bed of roses and doesn’t lay flowers on your path every time. He/she hurts you without your fault. They make you lifeless.  

I see people crying for the one whom they love just because they love them a lot that they can’t get away from their feelings. They are 24*7 into that person’s thoughts only. But sometimes, situations get worsen and they end up on wrong person( for the pressure of society, parents or anyone).

Worst thing is that sometimes or most of the times we know that we are with wrong being, they are tendering poison of death in us. They are destroying our life forever. But all we do is nothing. We become a marionette of their actions and words. Become spineless and life continues as an endless journey of pain.

We bear callous things just to get their attention, just to be with them, just to reduce the pain that we are facing because of them but we never speak, we seldom take action, we don’t let them go, and ultimately we make them more powerful. They become self-proclaimed dictators of our lives and gradually they OWN US…

So what happens then…?

We become two-faced lifeless robots- 1 that people always look up to as a party freak and the other that’s known just to you- A sad, emotionally broken piece of shit that thinks life’s HELLLLLL. Tears roll out every night, but only our pillow witnesses the moistness.

We start becoming weak (emotionally, physically and mentally) but no we don’t speak because we love them so very much and finally, the sub sets in our life and we break one day. That day we lose our self-worth, we lose our esteem, we lose every damn thing that we were meant to be with, and everyone (person) who needed us.

Sad but true. Well nothing has changed yet. You are the same old emotional fool. THE PERFECT HELPER and you are trapped again and this goes on till the day you end things or in various cases they get more complicated after breaking up with that wrong person.

You feel trashed and make wrong decision on the basis of your past. In simple terms, your retina doesn’t watch the good, it takes everything like a log of dead wood. Miserable right??? This is your own story that you neglect everyday. This is what happening with you but you won’t speak right???

But is this what you deserve…???

Is this right to get hurt by the one who you love more than your life???

Is this right to get muddled in the memories of that wrong person, who made you feel death everyday with his/her existence???

No, No, a big no. Relationship cannot exist with the efforts of a single person. Nothing works one-sided my friend.

You can’t enter into relation if the other person is not involved and he/she is equally required to make a strong and unending bond of love and friendship that makes life COMPLETE. And if you are suffering because of your companion- then he or she isn’t your companion (he/she is a pain for you- sorry to be true).

Don’t get victimized in any condition. Don’t get insulted in any situation. Do not do this to you. Don’t do this to the one who loves you selflessly. You are meant to be loved. You deserve a pure soul whose waiting for you surely in some corner of this endless world. So, make your life worth living and leave that one who is taking you away from many.

Love yourself, respect yourself and make sure you won’t allow anybody to disrespect you anymore. Remember you are one in a million 


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