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How To Use Paytm || Paytm को कैसे इस्तेमाल करें

दोस्तों पेटीऐम (paytm)क्या है ओर इसे केसे इस्तेमाल करते है अगर आपको ये नहीं पता है तो इस पोस्ट से आपको paytm के बारे में सभी जानकारी मिल जायेगी । paytm को इस्तेमाल करने का तरीक़ा बहुत ही आसान है। पर इसे इस्तेमाल करने के लिए आपको इसकी ऐप या वेब्साईंट पर जाना होगा  तो इसके लिए इंटर्नेट की ज़रूरत होती है। तो अगर आपके स्मार्टफ़ोन में इसकी ऐप्लिकेशन ओर इंटर्नेट कनेक्शन है तो हम बहुत सारी चीज़ों को आसानी से शीघ्रता से कर सकते है । हम आज इस पोस्ट पर जानेंगे की paytm क्या है, इसपे अकाउंट केसे बनाते है, paytam wallet (पेटीऐम वॉलेट) क्या है ओर वॉलेट पे पैसे केसे (जमा) add करते है ओर अंत में हम सिखेंगे की वॉलेट के पैसों से ऑनलाइन पेमेंट केसे करें।


I Love My Mother

I’ve generally abhorred Mother’s Day.

Not on the grounds that I detest showering you with consideration and acclaim, but since on one day of the year should indicate you precisely the amount you intend to me.

In the wake of all that you’ve accomplished for me — the open doors you’ve given me, the incalculable emotional episodes you’ve persisted from me, the life you’ve surrendered for me — should send you a card with blossoms, and that should be sufficient?

Blooms, cards and back rub blessing authentications don’t express what is on my mind. Taking you out to supper won’t do it equity. Getting you inflatables isn’t going to blow up my point. Every last bit of it appears to be so… trite.

A Hallmark card won’t ever have the capacity to clarify precisely why I cherish you.

Precisely why I’m glad to call you my mother. Precisely how appreciative I am for you.

Rather, I’ll simply let you know.

I’ll explain to you precisely why I regard you, not attempt and fit it into some two-by-two-creep card.

I will let you know precisely what I ought to say each day of each month of consistently. I’ll explain to you precisely why I adore you.


Relationships . . . 💔

always together.... ocean in the background
always together…. ocean in the background

What it is . . .

A continues link and bond between two individuals with the influence of feelings for each others, particularly love relationships, Love is one of the most profound emotions for individuals. There are many kind of love, but most people seek its impression with romance & a compatible partner. Heartbreaks are a part of it and it happen for many reasons, and the faliure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological distress.


Bhutan saw most astounding increment in travel seeks: Study

With an expanding number of Indians settling on visa agreeable goals, Bhutan is by all accounts on top of individuals’ agenda, recording a 136.18 for every penny increment in travel looks, as indicated by another study. The overview by Skyscanner has considered the travel questions made by more than 50 million month to month guests to uncover the visa-accommodating goals supported by Indian identification holders in the principal half of 2016. As per it, goals like Thailand, Indonesia, Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles in the Asian and Indian Ocean neighborhood have profited from “radical increments” in flight looks when contrasted and similar period in 2015.

“Neighboring Bhutan has seen an incredible increment of 136 for every penny in travel seeks since a year ago attributable to its no earlier visa strategy for natives of India.


If friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the world

Abraham Lincoln