9 Interesting Facts about Makar Sakranti

9 Interesting Facts about Makar Sakranti

1. Why Makar Sakranti is Celebrated?

Makar Sankrati is a Hindu occasion commending the sun god’s domination into the northern half of the globe.

Not at all like different occasions, Makar Sankrati is commended around the same time each year since it takes after the sun oriented logbook. Another name for the occasion is Uttarayan, which alludes particularly to the day the sun starts its voyage. Despite the fact that it is praised all through the nation, particular conventions and customs shift in light of area.

2. A festival celebrated around the same time of the English schedule each year

In any case, the date changes like clockwork because of the unrest of Earth. In the present time frame, Makar Sankranti is commended on January 14.

3. Makar Sakranti is celebrated in all over India with different name.

4. On this day sky is full of colorful kites.

5. Famous Kumbh Mela start on this day.

6. Worship of cow is very significant on this day.

7. Makar Sakranti is thanksgiving in India.

8. Day and Night are equally long in this day.

9. Makar Sakranti is festival of ’til-gud’.


Happy Makar Sakranti Amazing Readers. 🙂


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