Relationships . . . 💔

always together.... ocean in the background
always together…. ocean in the background

What it is . . .

A continues link and bond between two individuals with the influence of feelings for each others, particularly love relationships, Love is one of the most profound emotions for individuals. There are many kind of love, but most people seek its impression with romance & a compatible partner. Heartbreaks are a part of it and it happen for many reasons, and the faliure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological distress.

How to deal with it

  • Give yourself some time.
  • Remember that life was blissful before their entrance.
  • If thinks did’t work out, then they were never meant to be. Accept it. Life has decided something better then this.
  • Everything that happens has a concrete reason behind it. Nothing happens without a promise of replacing it with the best.
  • Think positive
  • Avoid getting back in contact. Block them from every source of network. Spend time with your friends, parents, teachers and counselors.

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