You may be breathing but you are shattered: Life’s truth

You may be breathing but you are shattered: Life’s truth

Get up now something good is waiting for you

There are over 7.2 Billion people on earth and everyone is busy with their own chores. Some are happy with the things they get hooked to, with people they get hitched, or else are dreaming to get their desired goals or the one they love.

But there are few who are busy rectifying their mistakes of getting into wrong place, with wrong person in their dreaded past. They made the mistakes but keep on blaming the circumstances, not having the guts to accept their acts and those are the unluckiest persons I ever beheld. This is what I see every day, this is what I observe in people and this is what I want to amend in those scaredy-cats.

Your work place and your boss: Hell or heaven- You are the deciding factor my friend:

Work can give you the worst pain or the joy of your life: only if you are at deserving place. You can be the one who

has sleepless nights because of your work that you don’t love or you are forced to do and your boss can be the reason of your unpleasant life and this isn’t a story of yours but the story of thousands who got good marks, excelled above thousands in their academics and extra curriculum and what they are getting now is utter pain from their work because they kept quite. They accepted everything. But now the scenario is different. They are more involved and story is like-

You give your best every time and your boss says this is pure s***… his words seem like a pointing arrow in you’re a**. You spend nights at your work place to make everything perfect and when you get up in the morning for seeking an appraisal from your boss, he scolds on you for no reason and makes you feel like a dead body in the coffin. He makes fun of you in front of the entire office and reason can be anything (yeah I mean anything)…

Your mistakes which never were yours

If your boss had a fight with his/her spouse- the reason is you. If his car got punctured- the reason is you. If he loses his glasses for any reason- the reason is you. If he is having headache- the reason is you and for every bad thing that is happening with your boss the reason is YOU AND ONLY YOU…

He sucks… your life sucks… your jobs sucks… and…

This routine continues everyday. You step into the office and pray to get out soon. After working 8 fucking hours in  the office you go back to your home hell tired and restless. You sleep with heavy heart and then the clock ticks 8 again. You get up, feeling like unwanted jolt. You get ready and again the praying session starts to get out from the jail that you never chose but you forced yourself to be in.

Don’t let this ruin your life, get out of this rut as soon as possible, Surely this is not what you are meant to be. Wake up and go, get some life out of that office that drinks your blood. AND THE ONLY PERSON TO LEND A HELPING HAND IS THE ONE READING THIS RIGHT NOW.

Now ask these questions to yourself-

Is there anything that you ever wanted to do but never did because of the fear inside? is there anything you loved but you left because your parents said nope this isn’t right for your career?

Well, almost everyone has that amazing talent that keeps them apart from others but they compromise because of the fear of the failure, or the feeling to be left out from the crowd and they chose what they never wanted to do and that’s the time they lose the chance to be happy, the chance to celebrate their success in small wraps, the chance to be different from others, the chance to make their life happening, fun and frolic like their childhood. Believe me when you choose the wrong place to work at and the wrong person to work with, you lose the charm of your existence, you lose the willingness and zeal to feel happy and alive.

And what this ends up as-

Things last forever the same and life goes on. Now choice is yours whether you want to touch the sky or get prisoned in your so-called beliefs that you imbibe from the society. Stop blaming yourself for the shit that was never yours and make your life worthwhile. Make your life a better today, and a joyous tomorrow. For that all you need to do is to open your eyes and find out who’s there to make you smile.

Run after your dreams and make them come true. Kick out the negative vibes that get you stuck in the rat race. Just be what you are and get colors of your life back with the work (and people) that you always appreciated but people criticized.Remember, it’s your life and nobody has the right to rule on it.

Make sure you give yourself the chance to change your destiny. This the only day you can get out of your blues. Don’t make your life a death precision and condolence ceremony. Do what you love, don’t love what your peers expect from you.

Look at the mirror and tell yourself- I can do it and nobody has the right to make me feel I can’t.


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